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Patio Steps Services

Steps add the perfect finishing touch to your patio

Steps are important, especially in elevated or uneven landscape environments. They make safe pathways so you can navigate outdoor areas of your home conveniently. But more than allowing you enjoy maximum use of your garden, outdoor steps can also add to the overall beauty and value for your home.

If you have a sloping garden, there are two ways of moving from one level to another. You can scramble up and down the slope and hope that you don’t slip, or you can build one or more flights of steps. Apart from being a practical solution, steps can also function as a feature that leads the eye from one level to another.


”Patio steps are often the functional quick access point between the house’s tall patio structure and the backyard”


Deciding on a paving material requires care as outdoor steps tend to be used heavily. It should be as durable as it is decorative. The good news is you can achieve both at the same time.


Brick and Stone steps
Garden steps can, of course, be made solely from brick or stone, but they are commonly made from both materials. Brick are good for building risers and stone slabs are good for building treads, and the two forms and textures complement each other.


”Brick and Natural stone steps”


Natural stone steps

Natural stone is a popular choice as a step-building material. It’s often used on modern buildings or where a more imposing look is required, such as on important civic and corporate buildings and landscapes. Granite and Natural stone in various hues are probably the most commonly specified stone because it’s incredibly hard-wearing and decorative.

”Natural Sandstone patio steps”



”Using the same paving material for the patio, step treads and risers creates a clean, modern look”


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Our garden is looking gorgeous after your full advice and makeover in March 2014. We are so pleased that you are intending to carry out a maintenance programme so we are saving at the moment in anticipation of asking you to jet wash our decking and flags as we do not want to get it wrong as your job is so professional. What a brilliant idea. There are many garden maintenance contractors but we could pick the wrong one if we just choose at random, and ruin all your good work. We will be in touch.

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