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Making your Decking, Patio or Balcony construction attractive and safe.

Handrails and Balustrades are used in many buildings, including homes, and they are used to support staircases, balconies, Decking, and Patios.

While balustrades can be made from various materials, such as wood, chrome, iron, and stainless steel.

Handrails and Balustrades not only look good, they can be really helpful as well, elderly people use these to help them walk and to help them keep their balance. Also if you have raised decking it will be really helpful if you get handrails or balustrades for a bit of protection in case you fall or trip.

Decking Handrails  Designs
Over the last 10 years, the decking industry has developed a variety of attractive handrail systems. Because your deck’s rails will be one of the most visible features of your new deck, it is important to choose a rail that complements your decking material and the style and colour scheme of your house.


Timber Handrails
If you are looking for a classic look for your decking, the wooden handrail would be a perfect choice. The beauty of wood is that it’s hard to match. Use 4×4 rail posts, 2×4 top and bottom rails, 2×6 top cap, and 2×2 balusters. There are many different types of wood to choose from including pressure treated wood, cedar wood, redwood or timber. You can also add a decorative post cap to give it that perfect finish.

”Wooden Decking Handrail”


Glass Balustrades
Glass balustrade are an ultimate luxury for decking handrail. They create an attractive composition that can highlight views.  A variety of materials can be used with tempered glass to achieve this.

The glass balustrade has become extremely popular because it offers an array of benefits, especially in modern architecture.

Many individuals think that glass balustrade is delicate, but glass is actually an extremely durable construction material. In fact, glass is more durable than wood, which is often prone to pest infestation or corrosion after a few years. Over time, glass balustrade will continue to maintain its durability and quality. Glass balustrade ages slowly, so the changes over time are barely noticeable. The excellent durability of glass makes it well worth your investment since glass balustrades have the ability to last for decades.



”Framed Glass Balustrade for Decking”



‘Framed Glass Balustrade for Patio”




”Frameless Glass Balustrade for Balcony ”


”Framed Glass Balustrade”


”Frameless glass balustrade effortlessly defines boundaries without interruption, offering incomparable safety standards and the perfect finish to any balcony, decking or patio”

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